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Multi Era Doctor Who

For both Old School and New School fans alike

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Doctor Who

On November 23rd 1963 two teachers tracked down a teenage student of theirs, Susan, to try and figure out some rather odd anomalies she had. They followed her into a small, blue Police Box where the met a crazy old man, who then kidnaped and took them to prehistoric Earth.

This is how The Doctor was first introduced, through the eyes of two Teachers. It is how a show that is now now world famous was first started - years before Star Trek. A show that continued to be on air until 1989, by which time seven actors had played the same character and generations of children had grown up with 'their' Doctor. The stories continued, of course, with books and later Big Finish audio adventures, but it wasn't until 1996 that a new, on screen Doctor came along. This Doctor had a hard time of it, as the TV movie wasn't all that popular amongst fans, and generally ignored if at all possible.

Then, 16 years after Sylvester McCoy walked off our screens, arms around his companion, Russel T Davies brought it back again and The Doctor was introduced to an entire new generation of children, teenagers and young adults who hadn't had a Doctor to call their own before.

A whole new group of fans poured in, and as a result fandom became two groups. One was now known as the 'Old Schoolers', fans who were around before Nine. The other group known as the 'New Schoolers', those who'd come in with the 2005 series. Each group has their own perspective on things, as you would expect. The two groups interact some what, but at that point there was not, and most Live Journal communities generally focused on one or the other.

And so, this was born.

This is a community set up to cater to both Old Schoolers and New Schoolers. To discuss topics, to compare, to ask questions to either group. You can even post fan fiction, fan art and fan videos. But it is open specifically so that there is a place both groups can hang out together, talk and generally to try and help this fandom to become more united.

Here you can explore and enthuse about the series, new and old, get to know people who might not have met otherwise and generally have a good time.

1) Respect. Respect every member of this group, and the different parts of this fandom. You don't have to agree with them, I wouldn't ask that, but no fighting or being rude please.

2) If you're going to post anything really long, and by this I mean longer than about three to five paragraphs, please put it behind a cut. Similarly, if you're posting icons, please do the universal standard, and post no more than three before you put in a cut, or a link.

3) If there's anything rated NC-17, or might not be work safe for what ever reason (it isn't work safe, or might be interpreted as such very easily) then please put that behind a cut too. Excessive use of the word 'porn' is counted among this, I've seen Doctor Who websites banned because of this when all they meant was hand holding.

4) If your post is R rated, then please give it an Adult Concept flag. If it's rated NC-17 then please give in an Explicit Adult Content flag. If you don't do the latter, I may delete it (as us mods don't have the ability to flag another's post, sadly). For those not in the US, I have a table with the... basic equivalents as fandom uses them between US ratings and other countries Doctor Who airs in, some of which are more numbers based.

US Rating System UK Rating System Canadian Rating System Australian Rating System
NC-17 (Explicit Adult)
18 (Explicit Adult)
R and A (Explicit Adult)
R18+ (Explicit Adult)
R (Adult)
15 (Adult)
18A (Adult)
MA15+ (Adult)

5) Please let us know what it is you're linking to if you put in a link. If it's a discussion on some news, or an article, or a convention report on where you met Sylvester McCoy then mention it first, rather than just having a two word link. Please, don't make the entire post a two word link, if at all possible.

6) When it comes to fan fiction, just the general title/author/rating ect stuff required. No formalised format for this. When it comes to ratings and flags, see above.

7) Talk! Have fun! That's what this is here for, so we can all get together, in one place, as Doctor Who fans new and old, chat, and have some fun.

We are affiliated with the community dw_academy, which a great place place to discuss all things Doctor Who, though doesn't welcome fan fic, fan art ect.

If you want to ask us a question, the moderators of this community are neth_dugan and samantha2074, so there's a good balance, and we're both nice people, but neth_dugan is the primary maintainer.

The layout is an adaption of one designed by sothery

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